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2450 Reidville Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301
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Proof Pricing at Our New and Used Toyota Dealership in Spartanburg, SC

Here at Dave Edwards Toyota, WE SHOW YOU:

True Price Comparisons:

We research vehicle prices from reputable companies like AutoTrader, TrueCar,,, Kelley Blue Book,, Black Book, N.A.D.A, Costco, and AAA. Our Toyota dealership is happy to show you these prices so that our new and used car shoppers have the most up-to-date pricing information available when researching an upcoming vehicle purchase.

Offers Available For Customers:

Offers for customers may be available by the vehicle manufacturer based on factors like current inventory levels and demand for each model. Customer offers can change or be canceled by the manufacturer at any time. We show you all customer offers that may affect the price of the vehicle you want.

Current Manufacturer Incentives:

Manufacturers create incentives to help stimulate the sale of select models. Not all of these incentives are published for public knowledge. We show you all current manufacturer incentives that may affect the price of the car, truck or SUV you're interested in.

Fair, Competitive Prices:

Our aggressive dealer bottom-line ensures car shoppers can secure the vehicle they want at a competitive price. You’ll know exactly how much you’re saving so your experience is fast and easy.

Seeing the proof will give you 100% confidence in the price. 
Don't overpay, visit DAVE EDWARDS TOYOTA!

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